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What is a Collaborative Divorce in Columbus, and Why Should We Consider It?

What is a Collaborative Divorce in Columbus, and Why Should We Consider It?

Collaborative divorce in Columbus is an effective option to end a marriage that provides dignity, a systematized approach and limits on expenses that many former spouses find attractive.  Collaborative divorce is a “non-adversarial” process, and both parties and their attorneys enter into a contract that establishes clear guidelines in advance.   In the contract, the parties agree not to go to court, but to work outside of the court through a process guided by collaborative professionals.  This limits the costs associated with a divorce, while establishing an even playing field and a supportive team with one goal: to help the two former spouses to work through all issues associated with the divorce in a productive way, and move forward with their lives.

The process includes support from experienced family counselors who serve as a divorce coach/facilitator, to assess the parties and help to provide tools to increase the effectiveness of communication and problem resolution.  These skills are not only valuable during the divorce process, but many clients have spoken to the importance these skills play after the divorce is completed.  If you are raising children together or have shared financial interests your former spouse will be involved in many aspects of your life for years to come.

Finally, the collaborative divorce in Columbus helps the parties to get all information clearly on the table in front of them, and helps to identify all potential options for resolving areas of principled disagreement.  The parties are empowered to make informed decisions based upon facts and after considering all  options including options that would not be available in a contested divorce but may be available in the collaborative process.   This helps to make the whole experience more smooth, dignified and tailored to your family and family circumstances.  If you would like additional information on collaborative divorce I invite you to contact me at (614) 764-0423.