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Timing may impact divorces for Ohio families

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Tuesday, June 3, 2014.

Ohio residents probably know couples who have had a bitter divorce, but messy splits might have more to do with timing than animosity between partners. A recent article suggests that getting a divorce at certain times is particularly difficult and causes more stress than usual, so avoiding these periods can make the process smoother. Couples who stay married until they are older benefit because they are usually more financially stable and any kids are grown up. There is less worrying about living expenses after a divorce when the finances are in good shape, and divorces are usually quicker without child custody matters.

Staying in a failing marriage is worth it to those who would lose health insurance when getting divorced, so this cost should be factored in when offering spousal support. Divorce makes a business run by a married couple look risky and unpredictable. The end of a marriage is less likely to hurt a company when it happens during down time, and it is also quicker when a big change is not about to occur in one’s life. Trying to rush a divorce to be the only one collecting on a windfall can make the process more complicated.

Many people file for divorce in January to avoid ruining the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in the preceding year. Birthdays, graduations, holidays and other big events are already unpredictable and emotional times, and divorce can sour exciting moments for family and friends.

Celebrity couples, business leaders and others who have high asset divorces are afraid of their secrets being revealed when a marriage ends. Some couples try alternative dispute resolution methods where they work together and with lawyers to end a marriage privately and without litigation.

Source: MarketWatch, “When’s the worst time to get a divorce?“, Quentin Fottrell, May 24, 2014