Nancy L. Sponseller

Working for you & with you.

Auto Draft

It was an egregious, surreal initial meeting with you, Nancy – the night of my 15th wedding anniversary – a night of tears and a night of hope!  I was mentally prepared for the legal aspect of our meeting, but I did not anticipate my deep emotional outpouring. Your expertise provided clear direction through the haze of the legal process, listening intently and compassionately as I shared my heart, and my concern for my children.  You effectively articulated my case, gaining the confidence and trust of my wife’s attorney, ultimately with you then taking the lead in the process and drafting all final documents.

In the end, Nancy, you were able to negotiate an agreement that is nothing short of miraculous, leaving me with the financial resources and shared parenting schedule which allows me to positively impact my children.  As a result, my former wife is now a friend with whom I will forever share two incredible children, both of whom are assured and comforted by our love and support for them.