Nancy L. Sponseller

Working for you & with you.

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Dear Nancy,

….I mentioned to you that my Pastor gave a sermon on the Holy Spirit several weeks ago.  My Pastor reviewed the various terms used to describe the Holy Spirit in the different translations.  He interviewed an attorney from our congregation to help us understand the meaning.  This is an excerpt…:    “Advocate, Comforter, Counselor, Helper… The actual Greek word means “called alongside”.  The same term occurs in Greek literature where it refers to a legal advocate–someone who literally speaks in a person’s defense….  Nancy, as I sat through this sermon and listened to the answers the attorney gave, I thought about how well you did these things for me [during my divorce after almost 40 years of marriage]….I have thanked God often for bringing me a Godly woman to stand by me when my emotional confusion was too much for me to find my way through.  Thank you for your help and thank you for being a woman of faith!