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A year ago my husband, age 85, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was thankful for the time he had to notify his attorney so that everything legally needed for me would be in place when he died. It came as a shock that I had emergency cancer surgery just four days before his death, but even more disturbing was the news to me, while I was still in the hospital, that my husband’s Will would have to go through Probate Court because the Deed to our home was titled as joint tenants rather than with survivorship. My husband’s attorney also told me that the probate court process could be very long as well as expensive, estimating that 3% of the gross value of our home value would be the amount of his attorney’s fees. Even more troubling for me was the fact that my husband’s plans he thought had been made, were not in place, for my benefit. I turned to Nancy for a “second legal opinion.”  And, while I learned that the probate process was now required (because of the deed), this process could be very short and the cost, including her fees would be based on her time and not based on a percentage of the home’s value, so the cost would be a fraction of what had been previously quoted me. I immediately decided to retain Nancy to handle this, and yes the estate was quickly  opened and then quickly closed and at a cost that was a fraction of what I had first been quoted.  Nancy professionally and expeditiously worked on my behalf, but she also did so in a lovingly and caring way for my best interest, which, at this time in my life, was as important to me as was her legal services.