Nancy L. Sponseller

Working for you & with you.

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I met Nancy in 2003, through church.  I was naturally drawn to her because of her faith and her love for dogs and animals.  The more I got to know Nancy, the more my respect for her grew for who she was as a person, her integrity, hard work, and tenacity to do the right thing in every situation.  I knew she was someone I could trust to handle my legal estate planning affairs.

My situation is unique in that I needed to find someone to not only give me legal advice (planning for end of life arrangements with documents in place), but I also needed help with arrangements for my beloved dogs if they outlive me, as my dogs are like children to me.  I have no worries about any of this.  I know Nancy will tend to all the details and see that my wishes are carried out as I have requested; she also will find loving homes for any surviving dogs.

I have peace of mind about my personal estate planning and end of life affairs.

You do not find someone like Nancy very easily.  She has been more than fair for the  fees she charges, and she and her excellent legal assistant (of many years) work as a great team for clients.  I personally recommend Nancy to my friends as I have seen her go out of her way to accommodate–“beyond the call of duty” for one of my closest friends who desperately needed her services and help.

Thank you, Nancy, and also, Susie. Because of you, what you have done, and what I know you will do when the time comes, I have peace.