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Technology aiding lawyers with alimony termination claims

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Friday, May 30, 2014.

Attorneys across the nation are taking advantage of modern innovation during discovery to aid clients in severing their alimony obligations, setting new precedents for legal professionals in Ohio to consider. They are accomplishing this by applying unconventional practices, understanding the advantages that technology can provide in their cases and utilizing experts to gather cell phone location data that can offer various advantages ranging from strengthened arguments to reduced expenses.

One attorney reported being able to take advantage of cell tower location data to circumvent a substantial amount of cost associated with gathering from more traditional information sources. The usage of this data allowed the South Florida attorney to fulfill the court’s requirement to demonstrate the recipient’s cohabitation without enlisting a private investigator or gathering a wealth of surveillance footage.

A California attorney reportedly utilized cellphone data to help an ex-husband secure a termination of alimony, examining the content of the ex-wife’s deposition and meticulously comparing it to her phone location records. A Virginia resident who hired a private investigator also reported using such data to supplement the investigator’s findings and present a clear view of the other party’s new cohabitation arrangement, also succeeding in terminating alimony.

For a former spouse in Ohio who has provided alimony for what seems to have been long enough, that individual’s best option may be to hire a family law attorney to work towards terminating payments. With the apparent potential benefits of leveraging modern technology to help prove cohabitation, consulting with an attorney who is prepared to utilize the latest available options may be crucial. The ability to combine this information and assemble a cohesive argument with other existing evidence could maximize the chances of finalizing a client’s financial liberation.

Source: The Huffington Post, “How to Identify the Trend-Setting Professionals Paving New Ways to Support Termination of Alimony Claims“, Diane L. Danois, May 19, 2014