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There are few legal issues that are more potentially confusing than tax and probate matters. At the Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller, we have been giving people straight answers to honest questions about probate and related tax issues for more than thirty years. Our attorney utilizes a long-standing relationship with tax and accounting professional Laura Cheuvront CPA, MT, to provide you with timely, accurate answers and legal advice about your tax concerns in all estate matters.

Contact our offices to discuss your tax planning and probate tax legal needs. When you speak with legal assistant Susie Simmons, she will explain how we work with probate and estate planning clients. When we meet at our offices, we will provide no-nonsense advice and answers to your legal issues concerning taxes and probate matters. We look at your tax legal issues as if they were our own legal problems.

Tax Legal Issues

We can assist you with matter such as:

  • Probate planning issues as they may relate to taxes
  • Estate tax planning
  • Federal tax problems
  • State tax legal issues
  • Business taxes

Federal and state tax laws change regularly and most people simply don’t have the energy or resources to understand how new laws may affect them. We can help you make sense of how taxes affect your estate now, as well as how they’ll impact your spouse and family in the future. Our law firm offers a full range of estate planning services and instruments that preserve your assets from the full effects of estate taxes, or may minimize the tax impact.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you resolve your estate tax planning issues.  We offer solutions that make sense.