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Potential Deviations in Ohio Child Support Calculations

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Thursday, August 21, 2014.

Residents of Ohio who are involved in upcoming or ongoing child support issues should take notice of potential deviations in the calculation of support owed or expected. While there are worksheets and guidelines available that detail state requirements geared toward an as equitable distribution of monies owed as possible, there are certain provisions that impact the calculation of financial responsibilities that are applicable in abnormal circumstances.

Requirements involving cash medical support orders were recently updated and passed into law. These requirements touch on the broader special circumstances of children with medical needs. Children who may have special education needs may require extra attention when calculating total child support payment amounts.

Another example of potential deviations in child support orders is the possibility of one or both parents facing extraordinary outlays of money for travel as regards parenting time. Parents unable spend large sums of money in order to fulfill court-ordered visitation could be eligible for some sort of arrangement that potentially mitigates their travel expenses as part of an overall child support payment package.

Two other income-related deviations involve, generally, a substantial disparity of income between the two parents and, more specifically, yearly income in excess of $150,000 for the supporting parent. At this point, child support payment calculations would be subject to a formula different than standard calculations. Unmarried parents face the same issues discussed as married parents with the main exception being paternity is not assumed and must be established before any child support negotiations are able to proceed.

Whether parents are trying to obtain deviations or are attempting to demonstrate defense against deviations, they might want to consult an experienced Ohio family law firm. People who want more information regarding these issues are welcome to visit our firm’s child support page.