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Ohio considers taking child support from gambling winnings

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Monday, May 12, 2014.

The Ohio Senate began hearings on May 7 concerning a budget measure that would seize all or part of an individual’s casino or racetrack winnings. The money would then be used to pay delinquent child support. Proponents of House Bill 483 say that similar policies have been adopted in several other states as well as by the federal government. The House passed the measure in April.

If the measure is adopted, Ohio’s five casinos and four racetrack and casino hybrids known as racinos would consult a list of delinquent parents before paying out large winnings. The list would be compiled by the state’s Department of Job and Family Services. Budget analysts believe that the program could bring in over $1 million each year. This would help the state reach its goal of a 70 percent collection rate for court-ordered child support.

A similar program has already been successfully implemented for lottery winnings. The Ohio Lottery Commission submits a list of winners to The Department of Job and Family Services. This list is then cross-referenced against the delinquent parents list. The lottery winnings program brought in $250,000 of unpaid child support in 2013. Casinos and racetracks are heavily regulated, and officials believe that implementing the proposal would not be problematic for them.

Programs such as this one are useful tools to collect child support from parents that either can not or will not pay.The law also provides remedies to pursue parents who fail to meet their court-ordered obligations. A family law attorney may assist parents in their efforts to collect child support payments that are due. They could also work with couples as child custody and support arrangements are made to help avoid potential conflicts in the future.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, “Casino jackpots in Ohio might be seized for child support“, Catherine Candisky, May 07, 2014