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New child visitation center opens in Ohio

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Thursday, October 9, 2014.

The Safe and Sound Visitation Center has opened recently in Cleveland. Located on Payne Street, the center is owned by The Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center. It was built to provide a safe place where court-ordered visits with the non-residential parent can be held. In cases that involve abuse, it serves to keep the child and residential parent safe creates a less stressful atmosphere for the child.

The facility is designed to prevent conflict between parents during child visitation time. It features separate parking lots and entrances for parents and armed guards and security doors that require swipe card entry. All visits are monitored to ensure that there are no inappropriate conversations or questions.

The Safe and Sound Visitation Center’s construction cost nearly $800,000. It was funded with a mix of local donations and federal grant money. Compared to the old center, the new one can handle more clients and will increase the amount of weekly visits for broken families. The structure features five visitation rooms that contain entertainment for the children, such as books, toys, a gaming room, Ping-Pong, rubberized floor and basketball hoops.

In child custody cases, determining who gets primary custody, how often visitation is allowed and when visitation should it be scheduled are all complex matters. Cases that potentially involve abuse or drug dependence are even more difficult. Consulting with a lawyer may help divorcing parents sort through these complex issues. The lawyer may provide representation and offer insight with regard to a client’s rights. In cases where a parent or child might be subjected to abuse, the lawyer could ask that all visitation orders require supervision.

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