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Movie star says he cannot pay second wife alimony

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Monday, August 4, 2014.

Ohio couples contemplating divorce or going through one might be interested in learning about a movie star who says he cannot afford to pay agreed-upon support obligations to his second wife. Terrance Howard has told a judge that he cannot afford the payments for a divorce agreement from his second marriage because his first wife receives a majority of his income. He has asked a judge to discard the settlement, which called for him to pay $325,000 in spousal support to his second wife. That marriage lasted one year, but his first marriage lasted 14 years.

The actor told the court he only had an income of about $6,000. He explained that his income goes directly to his first wife to cover alimony payouts and child support for the couple’s two youngest children. He told the court that his first wife takes what he owes her and writes him a check for the remaining money, which is $5,878 per month.

To bolster his claim, the actor told the judge that he had signed the agreement under duress. According to reports, Howard alleges blackmail and extortion. He entered into an agreement last September to stay away from the woman for three years, following allegations of physical abuse. He also agreed to pay $14,800 worth of her attorney fees.

Although spousal support is not an issue in every divorce, disputes regarding the obligations might pull a divorce case back into court. Those who face such circumstances might work with an attorney who is familiar with family law. That attorney could help a client understand different strategies for seeking a modification or an end to support payments.

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