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Lobbyist involved in contentious divorce

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Monday, April 7, 2014.

A couple known for their governmental lobbying and art collecting has announced their pending divorce. Like in the cases of several Ohio couples, a central point of contention is how to divide the couple’s marital property.

The man, whose brother was a former chief of staff in the White House for Bill Clinton and is currently a counselor to President Obama, filed for divorce from his wife on April 3. He is asking that he retain the properties that he owned prior to his marriage. These properties include a large collection of art and residences in Australia, Italy, Virginia and Washington. The couple has been married for 11 years, and they do not have any children.

The husband credits himself with his wife’s success, according to court documents. In pleading papers, he states that he helped her establish a successful business. She started a lobbying partnership in 2007, and prior to her marriage, she earned $55,000 a year. Her current salary is estimated to be in the millions annually. The man says he taught his wife about the business, citing his experience in the field as a key factor. He also says that he helped by sharing business contacts with her. He is asking the judge to equitably divide the couple’s marital property.

Individuals who have a high net worth may decide to consult with a family law lawyer. After reviewing the couple’s financial records, that lawyer may be able to determine what assets should be considered marital property. The lawyer might also be able to represent a client throughout negotiations and court hearings.

Source: The Washington Post, “Tony Podesta divorce filing: wife Heather Podesta tried to ‘embarrass and harass’“, Emily Heil, April 03, 2014