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Legal Assistant Becky DeCoite

My Background

Hello, my name is Becky DeCoite. I was born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in the bucolic suburb of Clintonville but later moved to Maui, Hawaii when I was 21 years old. There, I met my first husband and had my beautiful son, who is still the love of my life. Unfortunately, I was divorced six years later and left Maui with my son to return to Columbus where my family still resides.

Early On

Over the years, I’ve worn several career hats, mostly in an administrative support role for some wonderful companies and even more wonderful people. Early on, I worked for a budding CPA in Upper Arlington. As she was planning a move to a different company, she recommended me to her husband who was the Personnel Manager at the Vorys Sater Law Firm in Downtown Columbus. As his HR Assistant, I quickly became familiar with the employee benefit plans and really enjoyed helping over 350 attorneys and staff with their insurance claims. Two years later, my CPA friend called to see if I would like to work with her again (I still chuckle because she and her husband had to “duke it out” together over her request). In the end, his “letting me go” would prove to be a positive and life-changing decision. At the time, my CPA friend shared office space with another professional, Nancy L. Sponseller, Attorney at Law. It was here that I developed a cherished relationship with Nancy and even though a second marriage took me to a different city and a whole new life, we remained friends.

Full Circle

Two years ago, as I was seeking to end my second marriage, I wouldn’t have called anyone but Nancy Sponseller for advice. She handled my dissolution with professionalism and grace, allowing me and my former spouse to work out our differences and arrive at the very best outcome for us both. Two years later, I was working for another friend’s husband (do you see a pattern here with my history of great friends and great jobs?) and lo and behold, I received a call from Nancy…would I consider coming to work for her? I didn’t have to think twice! Nancy’s long-time assistant was retiring and I was not only humbled but overjoyed to think I would be back in her office, helping people in their time of need for honest, compassionate, intelligent counsel. I am beyond blessed to be here and I am rewarded every day by helping our clients and their families.