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If Parenting Time in Columbus Ohio is Split 50%/50% Is There Any Child Support?

If Parenting Time in Columbus Ohio is Split 50%/50% Is There Any Child Support?

Child support is a completely different matter from parenting time under Ohio law.  Ohio law provides specific child support calculation guidelines, and the results of “guideline support” are usually required by the Court to be filed with the Court even if the spouses agree neither of them will pay any spousal support, per se, to the other.   Even in a contested divorce case, the Judge or Magistrate is not bound by law to order guideline support, but this will be weighed into the final decision and orders issued by the Court.

Ohio’s child support guidelines were established to protect the best interests of children in divorces, and to ensure a fair and just settlement.  The calculation is primarily based upon the income of the parties, but there are many factors that will ultimately be taken into consideration.  The disparity between the incomes of the parties is one of the most important issues when determining any form of support – whether child support or spousal support.

In many cases  where the parties are in complete agreement, child support may be waived per the agreement of the parties.  Collaborative divorce settlements often contain child support terms that may significantly differ from guideline Ohio child support, and these agreements are almost always supported by the Court.  A private judge usually chooses to approve collaborative law agreements.

It is possible to influence the child support based upon other factors within the dissolution or divorce, however, the Court must be in agreement and there will need to be documentation to support the deviation from Ohio’s child support calculation guidelines.  The Court will require an explanation for any and all deviations from guideline child support.

If you are concerned about child support, or wish to consider a collaborative process or a private judge I invite you to contact me at 614-764-0423.  I am a Certified Specialist in Ohio Family Law, and have been a leader in Ohio’s Collaborative Law movement from the outset.  I am able to help my clients to work through issues such as child support and achieve their goals.