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High-powered couple agrees on asset division

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

What could have been a nasty divorce splashed across the headlines in Ohio and the rest of the nation seems to be working itself out as two high-powered lobbyists reportedly reached an agreement regarding the end of their marriage on June 9. The couple’s many assets, including several homes around the world and an extensive art collection, was at stake. While details were not disclosed, both parties expressed their desire to remain friends even when during their divorce.

The beginning of the battle over their shared property was certainly a different story as the pair had been working to reach a resolution for about three months. He claimed she was misleading regarding their relationship and credited himself with her success. She wanted complete possession of one of their homes. The pair also argued over the division of their gallery art collection, but they seem to have resolved their disputes and will donate some pieces as a couple.

Her statement emphasized his generosity, kindness and determination as she spoke of her affection and respect for him. His statement pointed out her career growth, contributions to their Washington, D.C., community, and personal friendship. The couple wed in 2003, threw lavish parties at their homes, and made a flamboyant splash in the Washington political scene. They do not have children.

After child custody and visitation issues, property division could be one of the most difficult parts of divorce. No matter the circumstances, property division can be especially difficult when numerous assets are involved. A family lawyer might be able to help a client with a fair and equitable divorce agreement.

Source: The Washington Post, “Heather and Tony Podesta reach divorce settlement“, Emily Heil, June 09, 2014