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Gosselin family struggle continues

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Sunday, January 26, 2014.

Ohio viewers of TLC’s former reality show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” have found a new way to monitor the family since the ending of their show: media reports about their ongoing legal battle. The two have publicly battled since their split in 2009, often over child custody and other matters related to their children.

One report stated that Jon Gosselin waived his rights to control the appearances that his children would have on television in exchange for not having to pay child support. Jon is the father of 9-year-old sextuplets and 13-year-old twins. He has often taken a stance in the media for not wanting his children to be on television after he and wife, Kate Gosselin, officially split. The last straw for him was when his twins were in an uncomfortable interview on the “Today” show. The twins were stoic and nearly silent during the show while their mom attempted to prod them into talking by saying, “spit it out.” Jon now says that he will be filing an emergency petition for child custody for only the sextuplets, not the twins.

One media source says that Jon has not seen his older children for nine months and that the girls do not wish to have any contact with him. The source reports that the daughters feel betrayed by him due to the alleged deal regarding their media appearances. The girls stated in an interview on “The View” on Jan. 20 that their parents’ divorce did not have a large effect on them.

A parent who wants to acquire custody of his or her children may consult with a family law attorney. Such a lawyer may be able to provide advice about strategies to take to strengthen the parent’s case to show that it is in the children’s best interest to award the parent custody.

Source: The Huffington Post , “Jon Gosselin To Sue Kate Gosselin For Primary Custody Of Sextuplets“, January 22, 2014