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Father of music diva owes child support

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Thursday, March 13, 2014.

Entertainment fans in Ohio watched as a judge dropped a child support order by more than 75 percent for Beyonce Knowles’ father due to a significant change in his income after he was fired from being the superstar’s manager in 2011. The monthly payments were lowered from an estimated $12,000 to about $2,500, and the judge backdated the order to February 2013. However, the father will be required to pay the mother’s attorney fees of $15,000. Beyonce’s mother filed for divorce in December 2009 to end their marriage of nearly three decades when news of Knowles’ other child became public knowledge.

Once the family courts in Ohio have confirmed paternity in a case, they will generally order a non-custodial parent to provide physical, emotional, mental and financial support to the child. While they cannot enforce some of these parental obligations, they can enforce child support payments.

When the courts calculate child support payments, they use a specific formula that includes the person’s current income. They generally withhold income from a person in order to pay child support. A state could garnish wages from several forms of income including but not limited to, unemployment, workers’ compensation, pensions, insurance payouts, winnings, retirement and disability. In addition, if a person receives a tax refund, that money can be diverted to the custodial parent.

A family lawyer might be able to convince a judge to decrease child support payments for a client if they lose their job or face a significant change in their financial situation. The lawyer might help a client organize the necessary paperwork to submit in hopes that their request will be approved.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Beyonce’s Father, Mathew Knowles, Granted Cut In Child Support“, March 05, 2014