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Shared Parenting Time Allocation- Another Example

Dublin Family Law Attorney Helping Families Draft Shared Parenting Time Agreements

An Approach to Dividing Parenting Time Equally on a Two Week Rotation–Sample Schedule and Language:

1. The Parents have agreed that they will have regular parenting time that allocates to each of them approximately equal amount of time with their children. The following “grid” sets forth the present parenting schedule of time for each Parent and is designed to assist both Mother and Father in visualizing the schedule and in particular, knowing where the children will be spending the overnight and which Parent has responsibility to get the children ready for school or day care, transporting the children to school or day-care, picking the children up from school or daycare, and transporting the children to school and other extracurricular activities, etc. (all when or as such becomes applicable for the children) during that Parent’s parenting time (with “F” indicating Father’s time and responsibility and “M” indicating Mother’s time and responsibility):

Week One Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
To School/A.M. F M F M F M M
PickUp From School
    Latch Key/Daycare  M  F  M  F  M  M  M
    Extracurricular Activities
5 P.M. to 8 P.M./Bedtime  M  F  M  F  M  M  M
Overnight to next morning
Week Two
 To School/A.M.  M  M  F  M  F  F  F
 PickUp From School
     Latch Key/Daycare  M  F  M  F   F   F  F
     Extracurricular Activities
 5 P.M. to 8 P.M./Bedtime  M  F  M  F  F  F  F
 Overnight to next morning


2. The Parties’ regular parenting schedule as set forth in 1 shall continue during the Summer months, with the exception of each Party’s vacation(s) as otherwise addressed herein.

3. With respect to all of the children’s sporting activities, lessons, and other extra-curricular activities, when and as such become applicable, each Parent shall cooperate in meeting the children’s schedules for all of these, and further they shall each always keep the other informed as to times that these and all school activities are scheduled, so that each Parent may attend (and is encouraged to attend) all of the children’s activities notwithstanding that the activity is scheduled during what would be the other Parent’s exclusive parenting time. However, regardless of whether the Parent lives in the child’s school district, the Parent who has the scheduled exclusive parenting time with the children shall be responsible to transport the children to a scheduled activity unless the other Parent agrees to do so.

4. The Parents incorporate Local Rule 27 (attached hereto as Exhibit A) to the extent that the provisions of Local Rule 27 are not in direct conflict with any of the provision of this Shared Parenting Plan. However, to the extent that any specific terms of this Shared Parenting Plan on any specific subject are different from Local Rule 27, the terms of this Shared Parenting Plan shall control.

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