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Professional Practices & Business Interests

Dublin Area Attorney for High-Asset Divorce

The need for equitable property division in divorce can pose unique challenges for business owners and professionals such as doctors, dentists and attorneys. This is driven not only by the complexities of business valuation and dividing very valuable assets, but by the need to keep business interests intact so they continue to perform profitably.

Trusted Counsel for Professionals, Executives and their Spouses

Attorney Nancy L. Sponseller handles many divorce cases involving family businesses and professional practices, and is a frequent choice to represent people whose marital assets include complex executive benefit packages. To discuss how our law firm would approach your case and what we may be able to accomplish, please contact us today.

If you or your divorcing spouse own any type of income-producing business — or have a partnership interest in one — working with an experienced attorney is essential for determining how this asset should be treated in your divorce settlement. Similarly, either spouse’s ownership interest in a professional practice may be a marital asset subject to division.

Business Valuations — Complex Benefit Packages — Alternatives to Litigation

Working closely with an experienced CPA and other qualified, highly competent financial professionals, we are well-equipped to handle issues such as:

  • Determining whether business interests are marital or separate property
  • Obtaining an accurate professional practice or business valuation — a critical step even when the parties are in fundamental agreement on property division and working toward an out-of-court settlement and dissolution
  • Evaluating all components of extensive corporate benefit packages that may include stock options and structured deferred compensation
  • Resolving complex issues through a collaborative law process, private judging and other alternatives to time-consuming, costly and otherwise undesirable public litigation

Offering Creative Legal Solutions that Can Work for All Parties

It is important to recognize that equitable property division does not mean a business must be sold or dismantled. It also does not necessarily mean business interests should be divided in half. With over 30 years in practice, Ms. Sponseller is a lawyer with the knowledge to develop creative, mutually beneficial solutions that may include structured payments, offsetting assets or spousal maintenance.

To learn more about our approach to business valuation, complex property division and all other issues in your divorce, please call 614.764.0423 or send us e-mail today. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation today.