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Dublin Attorney- Moving Contested to Collaboratively Resolved

A Constructive Approach to the Challenge of Contested Divorce in Columbus

If you and your spouse cannot work out important issues on your own (and most people cannot), this does not necessarily mean you are in for a long, painful contested divorce battle that winds up in court. The overwhelming majority of contested divorce cases settle before trial. Too often, however, this happens after one or both parties are utterly worn down by the effort and costs.

At the Columbus, Ohio, area Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller, we look for a better way right from the outset. We emphasize methods that can save money and reduce emotional fallout for everyone involved. To talk through your situation and legal options with a lawyer, contact us today. This Web site also provides extensive information on how we work with you.

Targeting Fair, Rational Resolution of the Most Critical Issues

We have success with the collaborative law process in many divorce cases which might have been filed as a contested divorce.  We know that child custody and visitation may be your top concern, and will treat this issue with due care. We will carefully work with you, looking over every approach to shape a comprehensive shared parent time plan. Even for families with substantial wealth, when fair division of marital assets appears daunting, collaborative law is often the most effective approach.

Attorney Nancy L. Sponseller has capably handled many divorce cases that demanded quick action and many requiring a strategic approach. Whatever family law and divorce issues you face today — ranging from child custody to a spouse who is liquidating complex assets — we can help you make the best moves to protect yourself and what you may be entitled to.

Providing Valuable Concern, Credibility and Counsel

Our approach balances emphasis on constructive problem solving with the willingness to fight for you when it matters. You can also benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing Ms. Sponseller, who is a board certified family law specialist, has spent decades building credibility with other attorneys and court officials across Columbus and  Central Ohio.

We encourage you to contact us now to help with your divorce issues, including:

  • Your spouse is threatening to file for divorce and you need to respond.
  • You have reached the point where you want to end your marriage, but you have not filed for divorce yet but you want to proceed in the most productive and positive way possible.
  • You and your divorcing spouse have reached agreement or the beginning of an agreement on critical issues, such as alimony, asset division and child custody, and want to proceed with an efficient dissolution.
  • Your divorce involves significant assets and privacy ,which is a paramount concern.

Initial steps are critical in determining how your dissolution or divorce will go. We can help you visualize a shape for your life when the process is all over, and counsel you on all practical and legal matters. Contact our firm today and schedule your free 30 minute consultation on the collaborative divorce process.