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Dublin Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Columbus Family Law Attorney Facilitating Marital Dissolution With Protection of Your Interests

At the Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller, we are supportive of couples who are able to resolve difficult issues on their own, setting the stage for an amicable uncontested divorce or dissolutio. The challenges of restructuring a family and dividing all marital assets are substantial: however, most people need an experienced lawyer on their side to achieve and finalize a settlement.

If you have already reached a basic agreement with your divorcing spouse, or you believe you may be able to reach an agreement, and you want our assistance in reaching an agreement and finalizing everything that is necessary, e.g., where the children will live, how the assets will be divided, etc., we can assist you in working out the terms of the agreement and guiding you through a process to a final settlement on all issues efficiently and effectively. Your decision to contact us will ensure you have experienced counsel.

Finalizing Details and Dealing Constructively With Any Surprises

board certified specialist in family law by the Ohio State Bar Association and a strong proponent of collaborative law solutions, attorney Nancy L. Sponseller is well equipped to help you solidify and finalize your uncontested divorce or dissolution. It is important to recognize that verbal agreements are an excellent step toward peaceful marriage dissolution but also that filing your uncontested divorce may require:

Keeping Your Uncontested Divorce on Track

Reality setting in and anxiety about life after the dissolution of a marriage sometimes intervene in a process that appears straightforward once both spouses accept that their marriage will end. Working with an experienced attorney can keep misunderstandings from escalating into costly full-scale conflict.

If your goal is a fair settlement with protection of your best interests, achieved as cost-effectively as possible, we can help. You can depend on our Columbus, Ohio, area attorney to focus on finalizing workable solutions for your family and minimizing emotional damage along the way. Contact our firm today and schedule your free 30 minute consultation on the collaborative divorce process.