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Client Testimonials

Dear Nancy,

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that you were the right attorney for our daughter’s situation.  How good it was to know that the process (of dissolution) was being handled thoroughly, uprightly, and in a timely fashion.  We thank God for you!

Many blessings,

Doug & Jane K.

It was an egregious, surreal initial meeting with you, Nancy – the night of my 15th wedding anniversary – a night of tears and a night of hope!  I was mentally prepared for the legal aspect of our meeting, but I did not anticipate my deep emotional outpouring. Your expertise provided clear direction through the haze of the legal process, listening intently and compassionately as I shared my heart, and my concern for my children.  You effectively articulated my case, gaining the confidence and trust of my wife’s attorney, ultimately with you then taking the lead in the process and drafting all final documents.

In the end, Nancy, you were able to negotiate an agreement that is nothing short of miraculous, leaving me with the financial resources and shared parenting schedule which allows me to positively impact my children.  As a result, my former wife is now a friend with whom I will forever share two incredible children, both of whom are assured and comforted by our love and support for them.

Brett S.

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for being my lawyer during the dissolution process. I never thought that I would go through such an emotionally painful situation in life, especially as a young woman. But that is when you stepped in and gave a new meaning to trust at a time when I had none. You looked at me more than a “client” but as a woman with hopes, dreams, and strength within.  You approached me with compassion like a mother, loyalty like a friend, and strength like an unwavering pillar. You carried me through the dissolution process with integrity when I felt lifeless. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

Elizabeth M.

Dear Nancy,

I’ve never been associated with a lawyer who would take a home phone call at 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night and set up a Sunday meeting to help a family in crisis.  You helped to begin a process that actually was instrumental in saving my grandson’s life.  On multiple occasions you responded to our needs, and he is now on a positive path to recovery.  My family can’t thank you enough for being a caring human being first and a lawyer second.  God Bless!

Tim W.

Dear Nancy,

….I mentioned to you that my Pastor gave a sermon on the Holy Spirit several weeks ago.  My Pastor reviewed the various terms used to describe the Holy Spirit in the different translations.  He interviewed an attorney from our congregation to help us understand the meaning.  This is an excerpt…:    “Advocate, Comforter, Counselor, Helper… The actual Greek word means “called alongside”.  The same term occurs in Greek literature where it refers to a legal advocate–someone who literally speaks in a person’s defense….  Nancy, as I sat through this sermon and listened to the answers the attorney gave, I thought about how well you did these things for me [during my divorce after almost 40 years of marriage]….I have thanked God often for bringing me a Godly woman to stand by me when my emotional confusion was too much for me to find my way through.  Thank you for your help and thank you for being a woman of faith!

Belinda H.

A year ago my husband, age 85, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was thankful for the time he had to notify his attorney so that everything legally needed for me would be in place when he died. It came as a shock that I had emergency cancer surgery just four days before his death, but even more disturbing was the news to me, while I was still in the hospital, that my husband’s Will would have to go through Probate Court because the Deed to our home was titled as joint tenants rather than with survivorship. My husband’s attorney also told me that the probate court process could be very long as well as expensive, estimating that 3% of the gross value of our home value would be the amount of his attorney’s fees. Even more troubling for me was the fact that my husband’s plans he thought had been made, were not in place, for my benefit. I turned to Nancy for a “second legal opinion.”  And, while I learned that the probate process was now required (because of the deed), this process could be very short and the cost, including her fees would be based on her time and not based on a percentage of the home’s value, so the cost would be a fraction of what had been previously quoted me. I immediately decided to retain Nancy to handle this, and yes the estate was quickly  opened and then quickly closed and at a cost that was a fraction of what I had first been quoted.  Nancy professionally and expeditiously worked on my behalf, but she also did so in a lovingly and caring way for my best interest, which, at this time in my life, was as important to me as was her legal services.

Betty W.

I met Nancy in 2003, through church.  I was naturally drawn to her because of her faith and her love for dogs and animals.  The more I got to know Nancy, the more my respect for her grew for who she was as a person, her integrity, hard work, and tenacity to do the right thing in every situation.  I knew she was someone I could trust to handle my legal estate planning affairs.

My situation is unique in that I needed to find someone to not only give me legal advice (planning for end of life arrangements with documents in place), but I also needed help with arrangements for my beloved dogs if they outlive me, as my dogs are like children to me.  I have no worries about any of this.  I know Nancy will tend to all the details and see that my wishes are carried out as I have requested; she also will find loving homes for any surviving dogs.

I have peace of mind about my personal estate planning and end of life affairs.

You do not find someone like Nancy very easily.  She has been more than fair for the  fees she charges, and she and her excellent legal assistant (of many years) work as a great team for clients.  I personally recommend Nancy to my friends as I have seen her go out of her way to accommodate–“beyond the call of duty” for one of my closest friends who desperately needed her services and help.

Thank you, Nancy, and also, Susie. Because of you, what you have done, and what I know you will do when the time comes, I have peace.

Ginny A.

Dear Nancy and Susie,

A cynic might say you both were “just doing your jobs” – and so you were.  But I found you were kind and sensitive during a sad time, and I was grateful to come to a comfortable place to deal with everything after my husband’s passing.

Thank you to both.

Mary B.