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Child-support payment app might assist divorced parents

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Monday, February 24, 2014.

A new app that features software similar to accounting programs could ease tensions between divorced Ohio parents. The app is called SupportPay, and it allows parents to scan, store and track all of the money that is spent on their children, thus avoiding uncomfortable conversations or arguments about which parent has spent what. The app could also prevent surprises, such as one parent paying more for goods or services for the children than the other parent wants to pay.

The app’s inventor gave as an example a mother who would take her child to see doctors out of the insurance network to deliberately inflate the costs of the child’s healthcare that her ex-husband would then have to pay. SupportPay would help reduce such behavior by sending an alert to an owing parent that spending has gone above a set amount. This would allow for a review of all expenditures.

Parents can scan receipts to create expense reports that they can even show the IRS when doing taxes. The woman who invented the app said that she thought up the child support payment app while writing business expense reports, though this app was specifically made with families in mind. The creator said that she hopes to see the app used by parents to decrease stress and issues surrounding child support payments as well as general family finances.

An app cannot work out how much money someone should pay in child support or which expenses each parent should be responsible for. These decisions must be decided between parents or guardians. Parents who are considering divorce might find that discussing child support, alimony and related expenses with an attorney could lead to a satisfactory agreement between the two parties.

Source: Fast Company, “Supportpay Aims To Take Headaches Out Of Child Support And Family Finances“, David Zax, February 18, 2014