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Child support orders apply to celebrities too

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Thursday, February 27, 2014.

R&B fans in Ohio who follow R. Kelly may be surprised to learn the singer is facing possible jail time. A Chicago judge has set a mandatory court date for him to appear and answer for his violation of child support orders. This is not the first time Kelly has avoided making the payments.

Kelly’s ex-wife is supposed to receive $20,833 each month for the support of their child. This is at least the second time Kelly stopped paying the support payments. He was behind by over $100,000 last year. He did eventually make the missed payments but has once again stopped paying. The family law judge in the case cited a missed child custody court date last year and has notified Kelly’s attorney that if he misses the next scheduled court date, he may face 30 days to six months in jail.

The attorney working for Kelly has expressed concern about continuing to represent him as he has been unable to reach the R&B artist, who is apparently living in a bunker. In addition to his ex-wife, R. Kelly also owes money to people who worked on his last album. The IRS is also owed a great deal of tax money that Kelly has failed to pay, leading to the loss of one of his homes to auction this year.

The family law court makes no distinction between celebrities, high profile citizens and ordinary couples when it comes to enforcing child support payments. Consulting with a family law attorney may be a good step when financial trouble arises and payments become difficult to make. The potential penalties that arise from falling behind can cause even bigger problems.

Source: The St. Louis American, “Unchecked child support could land R. Kelly in the clink“, February 20, 2014