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Changes make it Harder to Dodge Child Support

On behalf of Law Office of Nancy L. Sponseller posted on Thursday, August 28, 2014.

One Ohio agency wants parents who fail to pay child support to know that their excuses may no longer be viable. Thanks to advancements in law and technology, the Mahoning County Child Support Agency is now better able to track those who do not make child support payments and collect those funds.

The fiscal administrator of the county agency says one of the newest tools at its disposal is the ability to find and intercept any type of insurance settlement owed to child support payment delinquents. She cited a recent example where one individual who owed more than $70,000 to two different custodial parents had a $75,000 insurance settlement re-routed to help pay those expenses. Before the new collection avenue was put into effect, all the agency would have been able to do was tap into a regular bank account or intercept annual income tax refunds.

Other tools that child support enforcement agencies have at their disposal include wage garnishment. They can also attach workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits, as well as pension and retirement plan distributions. Money won during gambling sessions or from successful civil suits may also be subject to retrieval to satisfy back payments owed.

Once child support is ordered, it is up to the individual to make arrangements for those payments to be made. Failure to make required payments can result in driver’s license suspensions and passport denials in addition to eventual felony prosecution. Anyone who is owed child support from one who has been ordered to make such payments may wish to contact a family law attorney to determine what types of options are available to recoup the amounts that are in arrears.

Source:, “Child support deadbeats can’t hide“, Peter H. Milliken, August 21, 2014