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My Commitment to Collaborative Family Law

From the inception of collaborative family law in Ohio, in 1999, I have contributed professionally in whatever way I could to promote the development and use of collaborative family law and to promote the development of the local Central Ohio collaborative practice organization, Central Ohio Academy of Collaborative Divorce Professionals (COACDP). Not only was I a founding member of  COACDP, but I have steadily served as a Board member, an officer, and chair/member of various committees.

All of my efforts to further the development of collaborative family law in Central Ohio and to further my own development as a trained, skilled collaborative attorney, have been for the singular purpose: to give consumers of family law legal services, who include my clients and their spouses, a superior process to terminate a marriage and resolve issues that are involved when terminating a marriage or other family conflicts, than what had previously been available to the consumers of legal services in contested court actions.

For a number of reasons, collaborative family law works best for the vast majority of people.  With the passage of House Bill 461 (known as the Collaborative Family Law Act), which passed unanimously by both the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate in 2012 (and with the support of the Ohio State Bar Association and the Ohio Judicial Conference), collaborative family law is quickly becoming the process of choice for all Ohio residents who are terminating a marriage or who have other types of family matter conflicts or issues in need of resolution.

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